BMW driving in snow

BMW in Snow: How Good Is It?

Even the most seasoned driver in the world can have quite a frightening experience in snowy conditions. Being a great driver in dry-road conditions doesn’t automatically make you an excellent driver on the slick, snowy roads that lay ahead. Are BMWs good, bad, or even reliable to drive in the snow? The # 1 element…

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Audi & VW Relay List / Functions

Relay # 219 (443951253AA) – Fan Relay Relay # 645 (4H0951253A) – Multifunction Relay Depending on the vehicle, relay 645 is used for the Rear Heated Glass, Secondary Air Pump, Headlight Washer System, Power Outlet, Auxiliary Heater, etc. Relay # 395 (8Z0951253) – Multifunction Relay Depending on the vehicle, relay 395 is used for the Horn,…

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A4 3.0 Timing belt snapped

The Ultimate Audi Timing Belt Guide

Ah, the timing belt. I wrote this article because there is a lot of information on timing belts, especially for Audi’s. My goal is to make this a complete resource for anything Audi timing belt-related. I will continue to build and add on to this article as time goes on with information to help anybody…

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